You Must Focus And Work On “Behind The Scene”

Prosperity And Abundance

Let me kick off with this sentence” Behind The Scene”.

“If you want to catch the cat, you must offer milk instead of catching straight”.

Here, Cat is a metaphor.

In other words, it (cat) is your Health, Happiness, Wealth, and Ambition.

Image show the money. Attracted by "behind the scene". The prosperity in life attracted by creating values that attract wealth.
Rich people create value/assets that attract wealth. They run straight to follow the money they know the game of “behind the scene”.

In the same way, if you want to have an abundance of wealth, health and, happiness, you must focus on the right mindset and well-being lifestyle. The right mindset helps to give a worthwhile path to building financial stairs gradually. And healthy lifestyle attracts all contentments in your life.

Many people undergo unhappiness and stress. To get rid of these and having control over, it becomes crucial to reassess the pattern of living.

The main cause of devalued and low esteemed life are poor lifestyle, unjust mindset, and lack of information.

Most of the struggling people getting surprised by the standard and abundance of others rather than focus on what he is doing to acquire all these. People show a willingness to have good health, happiness, and wealth but never put in the state of curiosity to know the law of attraction.

If here I talk about the richest person in the world. Most people are already visualizing the empire of the top ten multi-billionaire. How well they spend their time and money, how lucky they are and so on. But very few make an effort to know the game of “behind the scene”.

Here is the difference between the two mindsets (Low esteem vs High esteem or Poor vs Rich)-

Poor Vs Rich

  • Poor talk about wealth, riches talks about ideas.
  • They wish to have everything right, riches believe in doing what he wants to be right.
  • Always pray for an easy life, riches pray for strength to make things easy and controlled.
  • Belief money comes through direct effort, but riches believe that money is the byproduct healthy lifestyle and the right mindset.

Means successful people undoubtedly know that wealth is the by-product of a healthy lifestyle and the right mindsets. He prefers to hustle 24*7 instead of living as mediocre.

Image show joy and happiness in life. This show the right mindset and lifestyle work as behind the scene.
A beautiful life and abundance acquire by a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. And human beings can do better than a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Great people believe that our life is a reflection of habits. Either you aware or not about every move and decision making. Every individual on this planate is unique with their intelligence and equal in capability.

What makes a difference is believed system.

If there is half a glass of water. There must be different perceptions for different people as below;

  • Glass is filled with half water.
  • It is half empty.
  • And the glass is filled with half water and half air.

The outer single is the same but perceptions “observations” are different.

Work (Jobs or Business)

After college many dream to get high paid jobs in multinational companies. And some have thought to start his own business for the sake of earning a lot of money.

Work of behind the scene.
If you want to be a millionaire, make a difference in the life of thousands. Know the game of behind the scene.

People of both categories prioritize their own personal desire, wish as a taker rather than being a true giver through their jobs and businesses. Moreover, offer services and contribute through his Job/Business to build a great society and nation.

This is what called “Behind The Scene”.

If you want to be a millionaire, make a difference in the life of thousands.

This is the way to attract prosperity and abundance in your life.

Careful, If you go against it you may have everything as materialistic but you definitely lose peace, joy, and contentment in your life.

There are thousands of examples around the world. Let me take the two cases.

  • ELON MUSK and his Colleagues: In December 1998, Elon Musk want to have faster and secure transactions across the world. Because traditional methods take 2 to 3 days for completion. So he and his colleagues founded PayPal to solve the problem-related. Now, today 286 million users take advantage of PayPal services. And PayPal founder has a beautiful life in all dimensions.
  • Ritesh Agarwal (OYOrooms Founder and CEO): He is an Indian entrepreneur. His primary aim to fix something big problem that changes people’s life. Provide them beautiful experience and services. That why after a lot of research he comes to the conclusion that millions of people travel across the world each day. But they do not get the promising services in hotels as it should be in their budget. Then in 2013, he founded OYOrooms and expand services in 80 countries. Now, after 7 years he is the 2nd world’s youngest billionaire in the world.

So work for the people, they bless you with everything. I’m sure you well know about the anecdote of “Behind The Scene“.

Common Practices Of Great People

Here the most crucial points that found common in successful and effective people:

Common Practice Of Great People.
There are some common practices/habits of great people that make them different and noticeable in millions.
  • Make every moment accountable. Divide 24 hours according to prioritization. i.e. 14 hr Work, 1 hr Exercise, 8 hr Quality Sleep, 1 hr another daily task.
  • Burn the bridge of relationships that makes you feel worse, belittle you, and pull back.
  • Prioritize your works that push toward the objective.
  • Simplicity is “simply beautiful”.
  • Reading a great book help to gain knowledge and experiences in a few hours of someone 20 years of work.
  • Do what you “love”.
  • Undivided attention is crucial to mark a dent in the profession.
  • Adapts these habits (Patience, Consistency, Never give up, Perseverance, Keep learning, Right perception, Think Globally) to be effective in any area of practice.

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