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The days pass, years pass and in meanwhile the process and ideas of carrying things change for better. The practice of occupation alters day by day. And we move toward the prospect of opting for countless professions. Those days were fade when we have bounded choice. Now is the era of AI, robots, and the internet.

We have a number of career options but the challenges are also raised with likelihood careers. From the past 25 years the wheel of modernization increase due to the emergence of the internet. Almost every year there is an emergence of new types of unconventional jobs from the sophisticated work style. No need to only rely on the high paid scholar jobs or feel disappointed because of the family background.

The time is now. Turn anywhere possibilities everywhere. Modern and unconventional jobs.
The time is now. Turn anywhere possibilities are everywhere.

Let me walk you through the title of the article. Because most of you might think that how you keep your point in the time when unemployments are at the peak. So here is discourse. Welcome to WORLDairy

Unconventional jobs/careers:

I’m not going to tell you about some fantasy jobs. That might sound good but the flavor of living with such professions is practically difficult. For most of them, these (unconventional jobs) are not the jobs but call it living with passion. Now a day who wants to engage in monotonous work 9 to 5. Almost everyone wants to live with full of passion and adventurous. But the surprising thing is that what people like the most do as a secondary and what doesn’t keep in priorities.

I just want to know who hates sports, dance, singing, and photography? Almost nobody…!

But opting for it as a career we think twice. Most of us are a fan of celebrities who belong to such(above) fields. People quit their job and heed toward their passion after wasting a few years in monotonous work. I’m sure you are at the best phases of your life. And if not just hold tight and have faith because good things take time to show their existence.

The Following are the exciting career options for you, in other words, to say,” Be Independent and Be your own boss”.

Professional YouTuber:

Well, you spent a lot of time on youtube watching your favorite videos. You often see your favorite YouTuber. Whom you found helping or entertaining you. But had you ever willing to know how much he got paid by Youtube. If you have a plan and passion to show your unique skills in front of millions. Then welcome to the world of unconventional professions.

Depending on the contents of your videos you get good views and praise as well. Not early but definitely. Most of the topics of YouTubers or related to technology. There are thousands of channel names with prefix Tech or technology. But there are a number of different fields (topics) you choose for yours. Right now(2020) the most trending niche you can choose from-

Being a professional YouTuber is a good choice as an Unconventional job.
The career as a Professional Youtuber is a good choice. You can do in your free time as part-time. But make sure to keep your engagement with your viewers.

*Personel Vlogging, Traveling, Personel reviews, humor, Analysis, Unboxing, and life hacks*.

* Personel Vlogging:

Personel Vlogging is about to records your own daily life matter. Maybe you reacting normal yourselves but the viewer/ audiences sure like what going on your daily life. You need to be cheerful and real in front of a camera and share your thoughts and opinions on something that you like the most.

* Travel:

Everyone loves to travel and explore the world. But is quite hard if you have to carry a 9 to 5 job with yourselves. How it would be if you get an appraisal in terms of ready money. Most of the people have insecurity while traveling. They don’t know how and where to start. If you present yourself as a friend to help them. People like to know what going on in different parts of the world. Where they are not able to extend.

*Personel reviews:

Personel reviews, Analysis, and unboxing seem identical. But they are not. Personel reviews are about to put your own opinion regarding you watching (shows, movies, documentaries, or any trailer). People love to know other opinions about their favorite shows, movies or trailers of anticipated movies.


The analysis is a detailed examination of elements or something else. You can express your views on certain topics(Politics, Social, Environment or sports) and keep your deep analysis that hard for the common man to see. This is like the parallel work as mainstream media. If you have good content and point people love to watch you. Because nowadays most of the people don’t believe in press and media.


If you priorly used any products and you have pretty good info about that. Then you can do the unboxing on youtube. Even in 2020, most people afraid to buy products online. The reason is they don’t have faith in products that are costly or never bought such products. You can work as an adviser. And help people by explaining all the details of the product. That helps them to go for such a product that never bought yet. It is really helpful for viewers. After being good with the works you can work as an affiliate with companies’ products you like.


In the previous year, you definitely saw some of the viral videos. Everyone love who shows their sense of humor in front of the cameras. How interesting is that you get praise and paid for what you like. I mean not the same but definitely be a little out of comfort.

People back home after stressed work at the office. They don’t want to watch any strain videos. Seek to watch some light videos that help to change their mood and chuckle them. If you have such humor then definitely turn it into a profession. They definitely become your permanent viewers/subscribers and wait for your next video.

*Life Hacks:

If you search anything on google or youtube for solutions. There will be a chance that you get it. But the question is,” How much it really helps”? Many time people seek for a solution and they watch videos but it didn’t help them or it help but take time. If you know about life hacks that solve daily life problems in a short time. Most welcome! After watching you if you make them feel how much it helpful then make sure you also surprised by their response on your videos and youtube channel.


Writing something that matter and change people life. There is a demand for good content. People like to read genuine and good content that makes there moments better and productive. Due to emerging technology and digitization, the way of writing shifts from pen and paper to the keyboard. Every day more than 60 million individuals write on their blog. And they earn pretty good amounts of money. If you love to write basically type, you make your wonderful career in this.

You can write a review of any product as per products and company orientation. I’m sure you heard about content marketing. Content marketing is to write content on your niche with consistency. That attracts your targeted audience who want more from you regarding your niche.

Blogging is one of best career options as unconventional jobs.
Writing/Blogging is one of the best career options. No need to hustle from home to office. Just seat at any place and let your brain work.

Either you can write for others and work as freelancing or create your own portfolio by writing good content on your website. I prefer second because if you opt first than you only make instant money. But creating your own portfolio pay you while you are sleeping or hang out with your girlfriend on the beach. Ok..! if you haven’t GF than maybe with your family. After dedicating time with consistency give you financial freedom. Find out your niche and start writing Now…!


Most of us like to have a camera during traveling. Like to capture every moment. But I want you to know how to extend your interest in photography into a profession. There is a number of online platforms where you can sell your unique captured photos. Most of the people stop their passion for photography after college. And hustle into 9 to 5 jobs.

No need to buy an expensive camera. If only this is the way to become a good photographer. Then only a few become professional photographers. A good photographer has the ability to shows a story from his work/photos.
No need to buy an expensive camera. If only this is the way to become a good photographer. Then only a few become professional photographers. A good photographer has the ability to shows a story from his work/photos.

From the passionate work, you can showcase your skills in photography. That delivers a meaningful and inspiring story. If you like to start your profession in this field. Start with a baby step. Buy a basic camera and start capturing live moments. Figure out odds while capturing photos. You can learn the basics of capturing photos and related terminology on YouTube.

The platforms where you showcase or sell your photos are Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, PhotoShelter, Getty Images and more. The demands for photographers are now more than ever. Large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses to bloggers, graphic designers, marketers, and publishers need to use such photos for their online work.

Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher:

If you have a proper understanding of any sports or activities. You must turn it into a profession. There is always the needs of the trainer. If I talk about fitness, most rich people hire personal trainers who guide and train them. Everyone wants to become physically strong and look attractive. You must be seen around people who love to build muscle and spend time in the gym with passion and interest. And for his dedication and interest in fitness gym owner hire him as gym representative. 

Personal trainer, game or any activities teacher are never in the low request.
Personal trainer, game or any activities teacher are never in the low request. Most people hire personal trainers who guide and train them. Or they open their own fitness club for training.

The demands of yoga teachers are at there peak from a couple of years. Everyone knows that the origin of Yoga is from INDIA but it is celebrated as International Yoga Day on the 21st of June across the world. Most of the Indians know the basics of Yoga and that motivates them to choose a career. So, they move abroad and earn good amounts of money and living their life with peace and happiness.

If you want to become a Trainer or Yoga Teacher you need to join such a club near you. Dedicate yourself for half or one year to learn all basic activities. Then you may turn it into a profession in the home country or abroad.  How beautiful it is that you Learn, Appraise, Paid for your entire life.

The demands of yoga teachers are at their peak from the last couple of years.  This one of the cool jobs to learn and earn with peace and happiness.
The demands of yoga teachers are at their peak from the last couple of years. This one of the cool jobs to learn and earn with peace and happiness.


Nowadays unconventional jobs or modern jobs mostly rely upon the Internet. Here additional jobs involved with art, education, and technology. Hope you find this article helpful:

  • Make-Up Artist
  • Modeling
  • Personel Consultant
  • Real Estate agent
  • Web developer
  • Graphis designer
  • Ola or Uber Driver
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Freelancing

Rural vs Urban (India)

In India, the unemployment rate of urban male and female are 7.1% and 10.8% respectively. While the unemployment rate in rural male and female are 5.8% and 3.8% respectively[2019]. The difference gap between the two sections of society because of the rate of molding ourselves with trends.


In rural, most of the females seek to learn new skills that increase their employment rate. And Sewing one of urging skills. If we talk about the males in a rural area, now they do not entirely rely on agriculture. Most of the members of the family move out of tradition. And do work in an industry that helps to push out of hardship if the farming gives zero hope to that year.


Most of the parents in urban areas wanted to see their kids as a Doctor Or Engineer. But they are not aware that there are many other jobs or professions that might give the same respect and earning or even more. Every year more than 10 Lakh engineers graduate and more than 60% remain unemployed. And this is not surprising at all because they follow the same loop again and again. It will be surprising if they mold themselves with the trends and remain unemployed.

I hope you find this post helpful. If yes share your thought by commenting below and let your friends know about.

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