Sex Education in India

Is sex education trivial? If not, then why nobody prioritizes it as decrees of the community too? Why still silence among us about this? The human race stepped in 2020. And still, the consequences of the lack of moral education and awareness about sex education shattered humanity. Welcome to WORLDairy Here are some other side rather than records or facts about sex ed.

Sex Education
Sex Education is required to be treated/accept as decree not taboo.

In the era of globalization make our connectivity rises but mutual understanding is distant. People are curious to know about his friends and ideal who is far distant. But only a few willing to know about his/her family members’ going through. As many individuals dealing with some kinds of harassment and suffering only he knows. The absence of sex education creates adverse impacts on societies. That’s why it produces inevitable results that are not in favor of either( Victim or assailant).

The use of the leverage of technology in the wrong motive results in the imbalance of Oxytocin and vasopressin(sex hormones). On the internet, more than 81 million people search for porn daily. And that is far more than anything on the internet. That pulls us away from humanity to insanity.

In-country like India the consequences of lack of sex education cause damage like rapes, harassments, which are becoming common. The capital city of the country Delhi also named as a rape city by residents. According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), 24,923 cases were reported in India in 2012. And after, these records are either the same or more but never going to be down.

Avenue of learning about sex education-

  • Home, Parents or Caregiver:

The present and future human beings are consequences of many things. Kids adapt and copy the casualties of his/her parents. They mold their future destiny according to the surrounding. According to Bruce Lipton, an American biologist, ” Most of our habits, we learn from 0 to 7 years become the last for the entire life”.

It should be the responsibility of the parents, teachers, and caregivers to put the right ingredients inside the kid’s brain. The cycle of the way of behaving, responding, and see things are determined by the environment where individual grown-up. After 7 years it hard to teach human unconscious mind for better results.

  • School/college and society:

I remember how my biology teacher feels so uncomfortable during teaching reproduction in class. He tries to skip and formalize this topic. I’m sure that every school going kids have these experiences. The perception of my schoolteacher indirectly gave us the wrong message about sex education. Rather it should deliver with an informative and normal way in class. Otherwise, its results impact on long term over the individual’s mindset.

Most of the parent hesitate to talk about sex education during dinner on the table. That became the initial perception of sex education at an early age. But for understanding, it should be the duty of everyone to spread the right message about sex education.


  • Due to the lack of sex and moral education, every section of society suffers.
  • Negative impact on marriage and relationship.
  • Harassment, molestation, and rapes become common in the community.
  • Absence of moral education results to keep perception about women/girls as sex objects.

The construction or demolition of characters depends upon inner motion(thought). If appetites of the body overtake its usual needs than it creates the problem. And such desires can be anything, like drinks, food, sex, etc. The following are misfortune results of appetite (sexual desire).


  • Most of the cases are reported against known of the victims.
  • India is having the lowest and South Africa is having the highest rape per 100,000 people.
  • And the conviction rate is higher than the developed countries like the UK, France, and Sweden.
  • Below are rape statistics in India of four years:
Year No. of rapes Molestations Arrests
2016 2,065   —–   —–
2017 2,059 4,023 2,275
2018 2,043 3,275 2,072
2019 2,000+ 3175 2,290
The goodness of sex education and moral education:
  • It became unworried to know each other very well.
  • The Refusal of sex education as taboo helps to solve the problems that suffer.
  • The shrink of the barrier of not talking about sex help to improve the relationship.


In brief, this world sees many odds and even in the dawn of the 21st century. There are many factors of joys and sorrows. Unquestionably sex education is one of them. We should accept it as an important part of life. If perception toward it still prohibited than it remains sorrow. And if we accept and try to spread awareness about sex education, it becomes a joy.

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