Life Of Indian Soldiers

Sometimes it quite hard to understand or feel the life of others. If you belong to a different background. But you can make the most of it if try to know and relates others’ life. I belong to such a background.

It is a journey of 5 to 10 min. At the end of you will come to know the expedition of Indian soldiers. How they serve the nation at minus degree temp. and at 45 to 50 degrees in summer too at the border. Life Of Indian Soldiers is full of discipline, sacrifices, and responsibility. The discipline toward his work/duty, sacrifices of their life and responsibilities of the family and nation. Welcome to WORLDairy

* BSF = Border Security Force (Javan)

How does it feel?

When you have the responsibility of millions of people to protect and keep them safe. Sure it is a pride moment. But at the same time, there is always some kind of pressure beneath. Either it is a war of 1971 or 1999 with Pakistan. Indian soldiers show there courage and strength by defeating Pak. In fact, today’s world well familiar with the strength of India.

Indian Soldiers celebrate victory of Kargil-War, 1999.
Indian soldiers in Batalik during Kargil war, 1999. [Source: Wikipedia]

Now, there is the strength of millions of soldiers with good training and contemporary weapons. From the last 5 to 6 years attentions of Indians include the soldiers as our hero and ideal regardless of Bollywood and Cricket personnel. I’m sure If you are an Indian then you know about Abhinanadan Varthaman. From being a kid from an army background. There are no other things make you feel more proud at such a level.

Dream to follow

Indian Soldier hide in bush to shoot his target.
No days off. Paramilitary on his duty before, during, and after warfare.

There are many ways to serve the nation. But only being an Indian soldier which motive to spread peace, security, and inspiration across the nation. If I talk about my father he joined in 1984. He is my motivation. Whenever I got to go back to the village. I try to listen to the same story again and again of my father’s journey from grandmother.

He passed the medical after 3rd attempt. Those days (1984) it quite hard to manage too often expenses for medium class. Now it’s been more than 30 years to serve the nation and manage the family responsibility at the same time.

Discipline life

Wake-up at 5 A.M. ready for parred at 5:30 A.M. Breakfast at 8:30 A.M. and go worksite from 9:30 to 1:30 P.M. Restore self till 5 P.M. after lunch. Then back to respective barracks. Change the dress with a sports dress. Play a game of your choices on playgrounds.

These constraints routine do not stop yet. After the play, back to the barrack. Take a rest and fresh for about one hour. Have dinner between 8:30 to 9:00 P.M. After they have to assemble for a few mins. In this short assembly head of the battalion give some boost to the soldiers that work as an inspiration and put sight for the next day’s work.

Discipline- Dedication-Consistency

When I first get an opportunity to stay with my father during my summer holiday. I never thought that it was going to be magnificent experiences. In your life, if you get a good time to go to Wagah Border. There is no other place that makes you fill a nationalist and proud citizen of an independent country.

During my good time, when I was with my father in the BSF head office. I was curious to track the all-day works and activities of him. I saw my father wear a heavy boot with rough thick socks and heavy thick uniform at a temperature of 40 degrees. In those moments I had mixed feeling flow in my heart.

According to the schedule, he has to change three or even more uniform for the whole day. Such kinds of dedication and consistency they have to continue regardless of any minor issues.

Advice from them:

If you want to learn something from the life of Indian soldiers, it must be discipline, dedication. Discipline is what add values and experience that put a person one step ahead from average. If you need to accomplish a certain task. It is necessary to leave the other side unturn and put dedication with a stream-focus on the main objective.

 Indian soldier Advice to his son.
Advice from Indian soldiers.

Being between work and family:

There is always be a two-aspect of almost anything. In my view, the life of Indian soldiers is quite uneasy to give time to their families. It is very rare for the kids who belong to such a family to have many childhood memories with their father. For me, there are only one or two memories with my father. First when he gave a bat when I was 13 years old and second go-to fair with him.

It becomes demanding to rush between job and family.

Likewise, he wants to have a good time with his family. But the kind of workload and responsibility passes those moments with undone. The Kargil war (May 1999 to July 1999) extends to almost three months. But due to certain causes, he back home after two years.

Such kind of gap between father and son makes to be with the only mother. But as I grow everything transparent and clear. Now I love my father more. Because of him, my future is secure. And it is proud for me when someone asks,” What your father doing”.

Those days:

Indian Soldiers No Day Off.

Before the emergence of the telecommunication and internet. The message conveys via the latter. It takes too long time. My mother kept that latter till now. It was a very unique experience when I read the latter of my father to my mother. Where he talks about his heaving work experiences.

That how he spends their day on the border. Later he asks about me and siblings’ school and studies. And the latter I read in summer that he wrote one month prior. That means it takes almost one month to reach near post-office.


Indian Soldiers Parade.

The life of Indian soldiers is filled with pride and challenges at the same time. It is good to know that now, the leader of this country honor soldiers at every national fest or moment. That gives the inspiration to devote effort to making the country more secure and better. It is proud of every individual of this country that Indian soldiers are one of the powerful and strongest in the world. It is one of the great contributions to building a great nation. Jay Hind…!

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