Delhi election final results 2020

  • AAP party won the 2020 legislative election.
  • AAP 63 | BJP 07 | Congress 00.
Arvind Kejriwal During Election Campaign.
Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Election 2020

Topics: Delhi Election 2020

Delhi: Almost every exit poll predicts the results in favor of AAP parties. And the result declares today are also at the same action. From the last two months, all majors parties try their best to win the favor of Delhi voters. Every party has its own coin to toss and propose models for the next five years.

The election held smoothly on 8 Feb. Since then every party’s candidate wait for their fate that what Delhi people offer to them. Besides the opinions of exit polls in difficult to guess the mood of Delhi voters.

The issues of the 2020 election different for every party. But the important point to focus that what is the mood of Delhi voters.

Issues Of These Triangle Parties

AAP tries to win over its previous five-years work in Delhi.

BJP tries to pursue his voters by shouting the undone works of the AAP party.

And the Congress tries to remind its the previous ruling session’s(1998-2013) amount of works and developments.

Expert says

Most of the experts said that it is interesting to look forward and see the results. Because of many local Delhi, voters accept that AAP govt. genuinely work and achieve massive results to fight with basics problems.


Now the are in front of the nation. Again AAP party took the massive win in Delhi legislative assembly elections 2020 by 63 seats.

If here to compare the last election result of Delhi with the 2020 election, the AAP drops four seats. But winning the election with three consecutive is mark history in itself.

Voters And Issues

Now it is clear that Indian(Delhi) voters are now being meticulous and realize the value of their vote. We can definitely say that this election is held over the issues of FREE(Education, Health, Water, Electricity).

Exit Polls Vs Final Result

Exit Polls Opinion In Delhi Elections 2020.
Opinions Of Ext Polls[8 Feb. 2020]

Even on 8 Feb. 2020 the opinion of exit polls in the favor of APP party. It predicts that AAP resumes its third terms with the majority[44 to 68 seats].

Final Result Of Delhi Election 2020.
Final Result Of Delhi Election 2020(source: livemint)

AAP party won legislative election third times with a huge majority. The pillar of the AAP party to run its govt. because of promising work and developments are seen in the previous term. Delhi people stepped forward with AAP govt. and gave a positive response through their votes

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