An epidemic to the pandemic of Coronavirus

People wearing mask to protect from coronavirus.
Due to the Outbreak Of Coronavirus. WHO declares a global health emergency. [ WORLDairy]

Country heed toward the Delhi upcoming legislative assembly elections. In between gradual outbreaks of coronavirus make their places. Up to the latest report, three people suspects of coronavirus confirmed till now. All are kept isolated and special treatment zone.

Let’s talk about the across the world details:

  • 2744 death toll in China.
  • 18 suspects confirm in the USA.
  • 3 cases of coronavirus in India.
  • More than 77,262 people suspected in China.
  • 883 cases in china, 7 death toll.
  • 1.5+million people are under observation.

Recently one of the suspects’ name Mamata Sachdev. She uploaded a video on her channel on YouTube. Where she shares her personal unexpected experiences of having coronavirus disease. She recently backs from china. And she was normal during the flight. That’s why it is unreasonable to find out any inkling. The problem took place when she found her kid has a fever. Due to she went to the hospital for a normal check-up.

Suspect Of Coronavirus who recently came back to India. Kept in isolate and advanced treatment facilities.

But during the consulting, she discusses her China trip. That makes the points for the doctors to be a suspension of coronavirus. After that, they rapidly separate her from kids and husband. And kept her into the special treatment zone.

In the hospital, she is kept isolated. No one is to allow to contact. Only in urgency, anyone can be entered with well proof mask and suit. She gave a sample of blood, where two results are yet to come. In the recent outbreak of coronavirus in India, China, and the whole world the common causing coronavirus are SARS, MERS and the novel coronavirus.

WHO tweet of encouragement

Tweet of WHO head Tedros Adhanom about Coronavirus.
WHO head Tedros Adhanom tweet and encourage the world that,” We can defeat outbreak collective participation.

Head of WHO (World Health Organisation) tweet on Feb. 4 to give a positive wave of encouragement about overcoming the outbreak of coronavirus.

Pandemics and other consequences

Preferably it is not to be a surprise that those who in the proximity of china have infected form coronavirus. But one case of California, a person never go to China recently and no one even infected in his surround either. And got sick of such a virus.

In the USA more than 15 people are infected with the coronavirus. San Francisco regulates the strict rule related to even there is not any case observe yet.

Most of the provinces near the Wuhan, China get affected at high dense compare to other far places or countries.

Till now the death toll reaches 2744 in china. And the death rate gradually decreases but not stop yet.

Due to this global turbulence, most sections of the social circles are affected as well. No. of the companies, industries, retail shops is still waiting to resume. This inevitably causes financial stress to a few sections of people.

China Govt. spends 1.5 billion to control the consequences of coronavirus.

Flight evacuate indians from wuhan.
(Photo-Jagran josh)

Today IAF safely evacuated 119 citizens from deadly viruses from China. The epidemic of coronavirus spreads across all provinces of China. And due to the contagiousness of the virus and the mobility of people, it is now pandemic.

In India, there is no such economical stress due to coronavirus as in China and the USA. The GDP growth rate of Q1 reduces to 5.3% fro 6.0% in 2019 Q4.

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