One after another many historic steps were taken by 2nd term govt. Most of the Indian citizens welcome such changes and most are against its commencement. Protest of any coming law and proposal are common. But if the root cause of such turbulence is confusion or lack of info. is new. Currently, the citizenship amendment acts and NRC create turmoil among Indian residents.

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Image shows the protest of new citizenship law by Indian residents.
Protest against NRC/CAA

Basic difference b/w CAA and NRC:

CAA is based on religion. NRC is regardless of their caste, creed or religion.
CAA is implemented across the nation. NRC is limited to Assam state.  
CAA will not deny the right of Indian Muslims. NRC identified and detained illegal immigrants from Assam on the Supreme Court’s order.
CAA clear its way for non-Muslim immigrants from India’s neighbor countries to become a citizen of India. NRC doesn’t apply anywhere apart from Assam.
Image shows the support  of new citizenship law by Indian residents.
Support NRC/CAA

Loss of national property due to protest of acts and proposal:

In 2nd term of NDA govt. takes many historic decisions. The decision impact almost every corner of Indian residents. The most important decision taken in 2.0 is Triple Talaq, exclusion of 370 and Ram mandir. It starts with slow steam. But the execution of this law creates turbulence among citizens.

Image shows protest of citizenship while burning of a cab.
Massive protest in Assam and burning of a cab.

          Now, again at the end of the year, Modi govt. decide to re-crystal the identity of Indian citizens. For such implementation Citizenship initiated in Assam state. So, it helps to detain illegal emigrants of the neighbor country (Bangladesh). On the other hand, it creates fear among the native original citizen of Assam (Indian). That they might deport from this country if they somehow fail to show the valid documents. Govt. continuously try to gain the trust of Indian citizens. However, fear and confusion flow that their citizenship is not going to alter if they are the true residents of India.

Image show protest against new citizenship law by burning of bus.
Protest against CAA in Delhi by burning of buses.

After multiple readings and debates in both Houses. This proposal became an act by concurrences on assent. But as this law comes to execution, it creates fear, confusion, and turbulences among residents. Due to this, a massive loss of nation comes to existence. And result in deconstructing national properties and losses of life are common amongst. At the same time, many restrictions have been faced by supportive and neutral residents as well. Refusal of internet access slows down many activities. Like online business, banking and all sector that entirely depends on the internet.

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