These Apps makes your daily life stunning

In the world of digitization, everything change so quickly. If any tools and techniques are worthy or helpful till now, It doesn’t assure that it will also help you in longer terms. But there are some top and leading Apps that will definitely help you during your daily journey.

  • These apps help through daily life.
  • You use it for personal and professional work.
  • It helps to reduce time, workload, and improve accuracy.
  • Work as your personal assistance. Be productive effortlessly.


Set goals in Grammarly apps before start writing. And customize according to audience and tone of contents.
Here to set goals in Grammarly before writing for effective and quality content.

Grammarly is one of the most essential tools to use. It does not limit to check your grammar only. But there are multiple crucial tasks you can do with. Either you write an email, articles, or any contents for your project or business work. It will be your guardian.

You can write in formal or informal, there are several options to set or you can customize accordingly. As you can see from the above image, there are options to set goals for your intended audience.

After using Grammarly you definitely able to find major values addition in content. So, others will observe the value and influence of your content more than ever.

Google Maps

Google map help to go anywhere in the world.
Every street and place is familiar to you. If you are familiar with Google Maps.

Google Maps do not remain limited to give bits of help with routes and directions. You can get help to find out avail near you. Search for ATM, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Clinic, Parks, Business Places and almost everything you can find if it avails near you or at your search address.

It is most helpful if you explore any places the first time. Google Maps will prove to be a partner of your trip.


Spotify apps is avail with Genres and Moods. Podcasts, Charts and more.
Spotify is for more than just entertainment.

Now, Spotify has more than 500 million users across the world. This app is used for multi-purpose. Listen to music, daily news, podcast, binaural beats, ASMR and more.

In another word, it is the complete unit of entertainment, education, motivation, and meditation.

Listen to the podcast of your favorite Genres in spotify apps.
Listen to the podcast of your favorite Genres. Non-boring audio. You can download and listen in your free time.

There are multiple Genres of the podcast. Namely Business & Tech., Art & Entertainment, Comedy, Lifestyle & Health, News & politics and more.

Some famous and influential podcasts are:

  • On purpose with Jay Shetty
  • Ted Talks Daily
  • The Mindest Mentor
  • The Daily
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • This Is Love
  • In The Dark
  • Left Right Center
  • Death, Sex AND Money
  • The Bright Sessions


Amazon apps category helps to find out what customer wish for.
What you think you definitely get on Amazon. No need to go to a physical shop, waste time and money. In the Amazon app, select products of your interest that deliver at your home.

Who is not familiar with amazon? I think it is absurd to raise this question. But it reasonable to ask, how much you know about its services and augmentation? Well, then I can say it will help you beyond just online shopping. You can create your own associate’s Amazon program(Affiliated Marketing) or Merch by Amazon.

If you have good followers count on any social platform. It becomes easy to refer them to purchase from your link. In return earn a pretty good amount of money as a commission from Amazon.


Pinterest apps available with widen range of images help to choose an specific images for works or projects.
Pinterest help to get a specific image and content for your work. You can promote your blog and pin images that you like.

It has more than 100 million users across the world. And more than 18 million users per day. Pinterest is full of amazing content available for variants users. That will helps solve your daily problems. It is an amazing platform to increase traffics on your blog or website.

The engagement rate is high compared to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It will help to figure out what audience love.



Instagram is one of the most using social media apps after Facebook across the world. And more than 80 million are active users per day. So, according to data 95 million photos and videos are shared per day.

Now, you can see the engagement with your people, fans or targeted audience is very high. If you keep consistency with sharing the post.

Apart from sharing photos, this platform helps you to boost your products and services by promoting it. Many start-ups and small businesses get the advantage of such a platform to reaches the major Audiences.

iCloud/Google drive

Google Drive helps to work as online storage.
No more panic about your personal photos, videos, documents or contacts. You can access your content from anywhere. No need to carry your physical documents anymore.

iCloud and Google drive are cloud storage services. If you access these apps, it became easy to handle your work by storing all your important stuff on the cloud. It is safe, private and easy to access during works. You can save all the photos and documents offline. And you can use it if there is no Internet around.

Now no need to worry about hard-disk or phone storage. You can always access any phone or PCs via IDs and passwords.


Netflix with multiple genres provide good contents.
Get entertained, educated, and motivated at the same platform. Netflix provides a good quality of content with multiple genres. Spending time on Netflix seems more like investing.

Netflix dominates the world of media service providers and production industries. It is the most suitable platform to spend time with. It provides good content of different genres. Compare to other media platform, it is better to spend some money to watch really good content.

Netflix’s media service provider and production companies not only avail the content that entertains you. But there are good qualities of content for varieties of audiences.

Apart from the oceans of Hollywood, Bollywood, there are Netflix Original contents of Docuseries, Documentary, Reality Shows and movies. That entertain you, educate you, influence you for better.

Google Pay/PayPal

Google Pay or PayPal use for both, Personal and Business.
Google Pay or PayPal use for both, Personal and Business.

PayPal is used worldwide for business and personal work. Till now more than 300 million individuals take services from PayPal. It is safe, simple, and secure. The reason for widely accepted because it provides a platform to transfer money internationally.

Similarly, Google introduces Google Pay for a secure, simple, and fast platform to transfer money with Unique Payment Identification Code (UPIC).


Ola and Uber apps use to ride where you want to go.
Travel free anytime anywhere. And collect credit points and use them in the next rides.

The owner of Ola and Uber comprehend the importance of the ride-sharing. That way, the value of these companies is in Billion dollars. Daily more than millions of individuals take the ride. It is helpful for independent hustlers.

Now it takes to place an important role in our life. It is not usual to drive on a vehicle. Who off the side of his main site then no need to worry about his personal bikes or vehicle. Just book a cab from your apps according to your convenience and enjoy the rides. And you can collect credits of your drive to use further in rides.

Personal assistance apps

Google assistance is work as your personal assistance.
Personal assistance. Help to reduce your, time, workload. Makes smart and be productive.

Personal assistance plays an important role to make you more productive and update with the daily ongoing bulletin.

What happened if you engage virtual assistance AI in your life?

Of course, it works as an incentive for your work. Now, in 2020 more than 50% of searches are via voice search. Now almost everyone wants his work should be done. They are not interested to know the left and right of related stuff. That why these personal assistance apps help to make you smart and more productive.

Google assistance introduced in May 2016. On a monthly basis up-to, 500 million users take services from Google assistance.

Cortana is the virtual assistance from Microsoft.
Cortana is the virtual assistance from Microsoft available on Windows 10, Windows phone, Amazon Alexa, Android, IOS, Invoke Smart Speaker and more.

The Cortana is virtual assistance from Microsoft. That available on windows 10, windows phone and more.

Similarly, Amazon Alexa and Siri are the most popular virtual assistants. You can use according to your suitable gadgets and preferences

*So use not to kill your free time and entertain. But use in a productive way that makes your day count.*

Love You…!

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