Letter To My Future Self

The moment you reading this letter you already at the state of prosperity and contentment self. And this is the sign of welcoming more unsettle hope and desire to penetrate the destiny for exponential abundance in all dimensions of life.

Image show various aspects of life. In letter to self is Work, Family, Relationship, and World.
I like that life revolves around Work, Life, Family, Relationship, And Business.

Current Life

These days I go through a strange feeling and hard time. In this decade, technologies widespread its presence like never before. Almost every major task is done by AI, robot, machine, software, and modern technologies.

Image show the current life of my future self.
Life is in the hustle. But worth to carry on.

Sometimes it feels strange that at one corner human tries to accomplish the task with advanced technologies and machines within the proposed time. And on other corners have to deal with the consequences of these unconventional practices. Namely poor relationships and lifestyle, unemployment, depression, anxiety.

Personal Sight

Image show the personal sight of my future self.
Personal sight push to keep balanced with abundance and prosperity.

In my experience wealth is one of the crucial parts in everyone’s life. It is not equivalent to the primary need such as oxygen, food, and water. But it’s something that needs after the basics for survival.

People do jobs likely to their skills. The primary goal is to pay the bills and be debt-free. Then get ahead for saving and financial plan. But even in 2020 the majority of people still live under debt and miserable.

Lifestyle Contrast

Image show the lifestyle contrast of the human being.
The main cause of the big difference between rich and poor is mindsets.

Till now only 46.8 million millionaires in the world. Or can say in other words that most of the wealth is controlled by very few out of the 7.5 billion people in the world. Why there is a wide gap between two sections of people? What is the reason for not having or not living at that standard?

There major factors that create wide gaps between rich and poor:

  • Conservative thinking. 
  • Lack of desire.
  • Environment.
  • Mindset lead (Rich become Richer and Poor become Poorer).

Most human beings push their limit to raise the scale and standard of living. But after a few hustling, they end with nothing in hand. And prefer to live an undesired life instead of hustling further. That makes him live under mean with stereotype notion throughout their entire life.

They likely choose to get going that they are not for lavish, adventurous, abundance, and prosperity in life.

From conservative’ POV, the most common theory to the majority is to secure life with 9 to 5 jobs. This may help at some extends to pay bills and fulfill basics needs.

But the gem of finding true potential and to claim the authority of self-unique greatness are awaited.

Unconventional Mindset

Image show the Unconventional mindset. That is the letter to future self.
An unconventional mindset is the only ingredient to level up.

The dream to become a millionaire and rich in all aspects of life remains unshaken with a conservative lifestyle.

To do so every year many start-ups are in line with unique ideas and visions. But only a few of them sustain and greet by customers. Hustler prefers to give try rather than give-up on try.

A few years ago, there was a craze of the govt. jobs and even today in some corners of the society. I’m not against it. But I’m against the mindset of embracing it as security rather than an opportunity.

This is the era of the internet. It is a boon of today’s world. It enhances the lifestyle and productivity of humankind in many aspects. But It also leaves some spots that degrade the values on its terms.

Compare to the internet and pre-internet era people likely to spend a good time with their family, having good relationships, and endured a stress-free lifestyle.

In today’s world, businesses are held over the internet. Most successful companies namely Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook, Netflix runs entirely on the internet.

These companies provide services online that become an important part of life. Either need of collecting data or information, do tasks on a software, connects to the world, or watch media online.

Threshold Of An Advertisements And Goodwill

Image show the advertisements and misuse of goodwill.
Advertisement for well-valued goods and services is vital but it is also opening the door of devalued goods.

Today digital marketing is at the peak. Either small or large companies want to dominate in their fields via advertisements for products and services

(Contents marketing are the parts of digital marketing. It the process of writing content by individuals or teams on their niche that acts as assistance for others.)

But at the same time, some of the companies become irresponsible and don’t care about the consequences of services that come up in society.

Strangely some of the faces who get name and fame in a short period with less strive. So, now most of the youth get distracted and addicted to the wrong belief of getting name and fame.

Some companies do business unethically. On the motive of making more profits. To do so they misuse the goodwill they created over time.


Image show the aspects of individual.
Billions of people have billions of aspects.

As being a human being, I’ve sensed that proved me alive. I’m far different than another creature on the planet. I’ve got the ability to perceive good things or mold into better by my will.

I’m a parasite on this planet. Here for very short wonderful moments. The process of the existence of the universe and earth continue from billions of years ago and remain to its pace after every element of my body dissolved on it.

There is a countless point to talk and live with. But the wonder and real gems are to involve ourselves to the true source of inspiration. It pushes you up and gives others the joy and purpose of living.

It is very optimistic to include “every” for any specific purpose, mission or vision. But there some spots always left behind to disprove.


I wish that every human being, another creature is being at their best of ease of living.

Growth Should Be Without The Imbalancing Systems

Image show the growth should be growth should be without the
Growth Should Be Without Imbalancing The Systems

We have enough sense to find a way of growth and enhancement of companies, organizations, or the quality of living of individuals is to be done without stretching or unbalancing the normality of the ecosystem.

As being a human, I want goodness and stability. The goodness in health, relationships and stability of my emotion and financial status.

Purposes And Wishes

Image show the purpose and wishes.
Purpose and wishes.

Every being born with distinct believe and spheres. But ultimately, we have some commonality that binds us regardless of our cast, crew, and culture. And the commonality is our purpose of living life, spread love, take action better future.

Likewise, I want the same.

Want to do the thing that I like the most. And expand the circle of life, travel the world, experience different cultures, groups, people experience. Share moments, experiences, feelings.

Want to marry to dream person. Get richness in health, wealth, and lifestyle.

I want to be a good son, brother, husband, and a great ideal frame for my kids.

The fate of any company, organization or nation entirely depends upon the intention and ability of each and every individual lie within. A single brick can’t build the complete structure. That’s why the contribution of everyone’s hand is crucial for the better fate of the community, society, and nation.

Self In Charge Of

Image show the life in charge of. A letter to myself.
Responsible and Self in charge of life.

I’m responsible for every action. Aware of the surroundings and the world.  Take moves to fail better and learn from it. I’ll never let down the urge self-education. There always be sync with the following step and thought according to the crave and direction of the world.

And finally, I will get massive success since I deserve it.

That is my testimony of being so-called “Human Being”.

Well…! this is my letter to my future self. What is your letter to your future self?

Let me know a letter to self of you too.

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